Often I will have a customer call or come by the office wanting to add a new vehicle to their policy.  Adding a new vehicle to an active auto insurance policy is no problem at all unless the new vehicle is a motorcycle.  In this case we will need to start a new motorcycle insurance policy.  Motorcycles face different risk than a car, truck or SUV.  Think about it,  you will never come out of the mall and find your car laying on its side because someone leaned on it and you probably don’t have to worry about your new Suburban  being loaded in to the back of a truck while you’re sleeping.

The risk of injuring yourself while riding a motorcycle is much more likely than it is while riding in an automobile.  On a motorcycle you have no seat belt  no air bags, no steal cage, and only two tires.  In the event of any accident you have a lot less protection.  While the risk of injury may be higher for a rider the risk of causing injury or damage to property is pretty low compared to what you could do with a full sized car or truck.   The differences between cars and motorcycles we went over should give you an idea why you need a separate insurance policy for your motorcycle.  To learn more contact us, Bound Insurance, at 512-454-7799.