If you use your vehicle for work you should have a commercial auto insurance policy.  I don’t mean if you drive to work in your car every day, but if you are hauling supplies, making deliveries, or showing clients around on a regular basis you should probably get a commercial policy.  Another reason you might need a commercial auto insurance policy is simply the kind of vehicle you have.  Even if it’s for personal use a tow truck or a box truck will need a commercial policy.

Commercial vehicles tend to face more risks than your standard family car.  You may have to drive in a dangerous environment like a jobsite, you might have a customer or a customer’s property in the vehicle, or the vehicle its self might present its own special risks.  A box truck is much more difficult to drive than a standard pickup.  When you are shopping for auto insurance think about what you are going to be using the car or truck for.  Even if you only use your vehicle for work on occasion you may need a commercial insurance policy.  If you have an accident while you are on your way to make a deposit for your business or dropping of supplies for a jobsite a personal auto insurance policy will not cover you.  The insurance company may deny the claim, nonrenew you or both.