Safety is Our Goal

Thank you for attending our safety meeting!  Below you will find the forms discussed.  We hope the meeting along with the forms can help you get your business organized.

Driver Related Forms

Driver Application

DOT regulation required you have a driver application.  See below sample application per TXDMV.

Driver Application

Driver Qualification Check List

DOT requires you to document an array of qualifications.  Use this form to help you stay compliant.

Driver Qualification Check List

Driver Employment Verification

DOT requires you verify your driver’s prior employment history and make a good faith attempt at contacting the prior employer. Use the form below to help you with this process.

Driver – Former Employer Verification

Break Inspector Qualifications

DOT requires you certify that anybody adjusting breaks be qualified. Use the form below to make sure your mechanic or driver is qualified.

Break Inspector Qualification

Driver Truck Inspection

Your drivers should have a way to notify you that maintenance is required on the truck.

Driver Vehicle Inspection

Driver Time Log

Local haulers could be exempt from log books and ELD.  Use the time sheet below to log hours instead of keeping a log book or ELD.

Driver Time Record

Driver Record of Duty

Driving other than local will require you log your driving and resting hours. Texas only hauling still allows logs.  After December 2019, most will be required to have an ELD.

Driver Record of Duty

Driver Anual Review

DOT requires you run an annual MVR, review driver accident and violation history and document it. Having your insurance run an MVR for insurance qualification purposes is not sufficient.

Driver – Anual Review

Vehicle Maintenance Related Forms

Vehicle List

DOT requires you keep an accurate list of all your truck and trailers. Please include the tire size as this is required.

Preventative Maintenance Program – Vehicle List

Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Schedule a time when you plan on doing service and FOLLOW IT. Use the form below to help you.

Preventative Maintenance Program – Future Schedule

Vehicle Completed Work

If it is not written down, it’s like it never happened. Any work done on the truck, write it down using this form.

Preventative Maintenance Program – Work Completed

Annual Inspection

DOT requires you do periodic inspections on your vehicles. Use this form to help.

Vehicle Anual Inspection

Drug Testing

Pre-Employment Drug Test

DOT requires all commercial drivers to take a pre-employment drug test. They must not drive until they pass the drug test.  We recommend Concentra, click below.

Go to Concentra Website

Random Drug Test / Drug Testing Consotium

All commercial drivers (including the owner if he drives), must submit to a random drug test.  Talk to Concentra about enrolling, click below.

Go to Concentra Website

Company Forms

Accident List

DOT Requires you document each and every accident.

Accident Register

Maintenance Program

If you use Excel, use this spreadsheet to help you with your maintenance program.

Preventative Maintenance Program – Blank (2)

Get Notified of Roadside Inspections

Get notified by email when your truck gets stopped by DOT.  Also, get notified by email if a driver comes out positive on a drug test.

MCS-32 – DPS Notification

Biennial Update / MCS-150

Update USDOT profile at least every 2 years.  It is easier to do online, but if your online account is locked, fill out this form.


Other Services

Over Weight Permit / Over Axle & Over Gross Weight Tolerance Permit

We can help you with your Over Weight Permit.  Download the county list below. Circle the counties you wish to select and send it to us. We charge $200 total for the bond plus our services plus the charge for the permit, see below cost per TXDMV .

  • 1-5 Counties – $270
  • 6-20 Counties – $345
  • 21-40 Counties – $545
  • 41-60 Counties – $720
  • 61-80 Counties – $895
  • 81-100 Counties $995
  • 101-254 Counties $1,095

County List

Other Overweight and Oversize Permits

In the form attached, you will find the commonly used overweight and oversize permits.  Go to TXDMV.GOV PERMITS for other permit types.

TXDMV – Permit Book

Yearly 2290

If you like doing everything online, go to the website below fo file your own 2290.