ASI is a premier property insurer in Texas.  They focus their expertise in providing affordable and quality home insurance products.  In my opinion, they have managed to stay competitive and relevant in the insurance industry (against other larger insurance companies) because of their disciplined underwriting guidelines and sometimes tough home inspections which may lead for the insured’s policy to be canceled by ASI.  ASI inspects every single home in search for accurate home values and to spot potential hazards and recommendations on how to resolve these hazards to the homeowner.

As an ASI agent in Austin, I have come across many different reasons why ASI and/or many other home insurance companies will cancel or non-renew your home insurance policy upon inspection.  This article will be more relevant to ASI customers, but it may apply to other insurance companies since most home insurance companies have similar underwriting guidelines.

Also, keep in mind that ASI conducts an inspection in every single home insurance application, without exceptions, so they will find any of the following issues and notify you within 30 days of the day you start your home insurance policy or within 30 days of your policy renewal.

Vicious Dog – ASI will not insure a home that has a dog like; Pit Bull, Rottweiler, German Sheppard, Akita, Chow Chow, Great Dane, American Terriers, etc.  They also don’t like other exotic animals like large reptiles, birds, etc.

As a dog owner I understand that a dog’s character is a result of the upbringing, but as an insurance agent I understand insurance company’s concerns with these dog breeds.  The risk is simply too high and losses could be extremely costly.  ASI, along with other major insurance companies, have decided not to undertake the risk of some larger dogs.

ASI will also cancel your policy if your dog somewhat resembles one of the unacceptable breed.  They are very sensitive to this issue and so far I have not seen them make any exceptions.

Trampolines – ASI does not accept any homes with Trampolines.  You will be asked to remove it or the policy will be canceled.  If you have a rental property and your tenant has a trampoline, you will be asked to advice the tenant to remove the trampoline or the policy will be canceled.  ASI will make no exceptions regarding this.

Home Neglect – ASI wants all the homes they insure to show pride of ownership.  They will ask for you to make repairs; paint, roof, rust, and anything they feel may be a hazard.  You will be asked to repair and turn in pictures showing the repair.

Debris – If there is too much clutter around the house and/or there are signs of neglect, they will ask you to clean and take pictures to prove the issue has been resolved.

There may be many other reasons why ASI and other home insurance companies may want to cancel or non-renew your policy.  Whatever the reason may be, you should get a notice in the mail explaining their action.  At times, the problem may be resolved, but in other instances it may simply be a good idea to shop with another insurance company.  If you work with an independent insurance agent, he may have a company that will insure your regardless of the problems brought up by the inspection.

This article was written by Jesus R. Olivares, agent at Olivares & Ziegler Insurance Group, LLC.  Call our agency if you have any questions or for a quote!  We can be reached at 512-454-7799 or by email at