EIFS construction, when installed incorrectly or when some water makes it in between the walls, tends to hold water and cause wood to rot, attracts termites, and may cause mold.  Therefore, many insurance companies avoid insuring any home with this type of construction.  This can happen to any type of construction including brick veneer and siding, but it is more prominent in EIFS because of the components that are water proof.  Once water is inside, it cannot come out from in between the walls.

Texas law allows insurance companies to cancel your policy within 30 days of inception (free look).  Once past the 30 day free look period, they must hold on to the policy until expiration.  At expiration, Texas law allows insurance companies to non-renew.

If you received a cancellation notice or non-renewal notice from your insurance company, the most you can do is shop with another insurance company that does not have EIFS construction restriction.  Contact our insurance agency, Bound Insurance, and we’d be happy to shop for you. Contact us at 512-454-7799 or by email quote@boundinsurance.com

I found this website with more information on EIFS construction.  It’s a very good article.

Source: http://www.ainspect.com/CMContent/eifs/eifs-def.html