Professional liability is not the same as general liability insurance. Recently I have helped a few business where it was not clear whether they needed professional liability or if general liability was enough.

General liability will cover any incident like a trip and fall injury to a third party, products that cause harm (food, toys, electronics, chemicals, etc), and advertising liability.

Examples of professional liability (same as errors and omissions and malpractice): a doctor diagnosing incorrectly or failure to diagnose, attorney filing a court document late and loosing the case, an aesthetician burning a customer with wax.

Some cases are more difficult to determine whether professional or general liability is needed. Consult your insurance agent for more information. Make sure your insurance agent has business insurance experience and is actively appointed with insurance companies who can undertake insuring your business. Contact Bound Insurance at 512-454-7799 and ask for Jesus Olivares

Blog entry posted by Jesus R. Olivares.