What we will need to get a renters insurance quote:

Name and date of birth
Address: If you just moved we will need your previous address as well
Personal Property Limit: How much does it take to cover your stuff? Include any property in storage unit. We will not cover any business property unless address by the agent and added by special endorsement. If you make $50 playing your guitar over the weekend, this is considered business property. Let us know and we can add coverage for this.
Pets: We cannot insured a household with dogs such as; pit bulls doberman, rottweiler and other select breeds.

Sometimes additional information will be needed but most of the time the information above will get you a quote. If you do not know all of this information it’s no big deal. One of our agents will help you find everything you need for a quote.

Personal Property That Needs Special Consideration:

Make sure you let us know you have valuable property. To make sure we cover your valuable property, we need to add them as “scheduled items”. Adding property as a “scheduled item” will assure you get the agreed dollar amount of coverage in case of a claim (all policy provisions will apply). You only need to worry about this if the items listed below have special value. If an item exceeds the reasonable common knowledge value in comparison to other similar items, then it should probably be listed as a scheduled item. For example; a road bicycle valued at over $5,000 or an engagement ring valued at over $1,500.

  • Musical Instruments
  • Golfing Equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Fine Arts
  • Software
  • Coats

What renters insurance covers:

Without going into much detail and technicalities; Renters insurance covers your personal property (TV, furniture, clothing, etc) for perils such as water damage, fire, and theft. Renters insurance also covers you for liabilities (example: guest trips and falls). It includes additional coverage such as loss of use and medical payments.

Personal Property

This covers your belongings like furniture, televisions, clothing and kitchen ware.


Liability is insurance which protects a person or entity from claims initiated by another party.

Medical Payments

Coverage designed to pay for medical expenses to non residents who are accidentally injured on an insured location or by the activities of an insured, resident employee.

Animal Liability

coverage for mishaps like playful nips to bites or even provoked attacks.

Water Backup

The sewer and drain backup coverage endorsement covers water damage and cleanup. The coverage is activated by water that backs up through your sump pump or backup from a sewer.


These are just some basics you need to know about renters insurance and these coverages may vary from one insurance carrier to the other.

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bring you the best price and coverage.

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