What is General Liability Insurance:

General liability insurance is the most basic type of insurance which will protect you against lawsuits against your business; slip and falls, personal injury, liable/slander, product liability, fire legal liability all can be protected with a general liability insurance policy.

Who Needs General Liability Insurance:

  • Restaurants: protection against consumers getting sick and/or getting injured in the restaurant.
  • Carpenter: his work damages the structure he is working in or he bursts a water pipeline by accident.
  • Hair Stylist: Trip and fall / personal injury.
  • Cable Installer: Hits a main city power line which results in him getting sued

Who Can Request I have General Liability Insurance:

  • Land Lord
  • Large Clients
  • Contractor
  • City or Government Entity

What is an Additional Insured:

An additional insured is an entity who shares the same protection as the named insured on a liability insurance policy. Entities such as land lords and contractors will at times request they be added on your policy.

Acord Certificate of Insurance:

A certificate of insurance is a document showing your business has insured. Acord is simply the name of the company which sets the standards on how the certificate is written. ACORD DOES NOT INSURE YOU.

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