Duplex Insurance – Austin TX

Bound Insurance provides two different policy options when it comes to insuring your duplex. If you live in the duplex we would quote you using a HO3 form. The HO3 form will cover the contents in your unit, but not for the unit if you chose to rent out to a third party. If the duplex is an investment property and you plan to rent out both sides, we would quote you using a DP3. The DP3 form is specifically designed for rental properties and provides coverage for everything except contents.

Make sure you have the following information when you call us for a quote:

  • Name and date of birth
  • Address (if you are not living in the duplex we will need your primary address as well)
  • Year built
  • Type of construction
    Roof: shingles, metal, tile, etc.
    Foundation: slab, pier, beam, etc.
    Exterior: stone, brick, siding, etc.

With this information we can help you get a quote to insure your duplex immediately.

By providing this information we can help you get a duplex insurance quote immediately.

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