Boat Insurance – Austin, TX

A boat insurance policy will have a few coverages that will look familiar to you like liability to cover what damage you cause to others and comprehensive and collision to cover physical damage to the boat. You will also find a few coverages that are specific only to boat:

Fishing Equipment and Personal Effects: Often times you will store equipment you use on the boat onboard like fishing poles, scuba gear, or skies.

On Water Towing: Like roadside assistance but only on the water

To get a boat insurance quote it would be a good idea to have some basic information ready. This will insure you get the most accurate quote possible. Your agent will need to know the following to get started:

(Year, Make, Model, Length)

Type of hull (fiberglass, metal, or wood), and hull id number: This is like the VIN for your boat.

How many motors and how much horsepower

Trailer: If you do not store your boat on water it would be a good idea to include your trailer in your boat insurance policy.

Remember it is a good idea to keep your boat policy active even when you are not using your boat. If you store your boat in a marina and your boat comes loose from its mooring and drifts into another boat you are still liable for the damage it causes. Also maintaining continuous coverage will grant you certain perks like disappearing deductibles and a prior insurance discount.

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