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Our insurance agency focuses in finding you the most coverage for your budget. We only work with companies who offer the best auto insurance policies in the industry like Progressive, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco and more. We are an independently owned business (based in Austin) so we don’t push products you dont need. You want to talk about auto insurance and how to save money or increase coverage? Then we are the place for your austo insurance needs in Austin, TX.

What is the Advantage of Working With an Idependent Auto Insurance Agent?

Why can’t the same insurance company offer everyone the same price? Why do I care if this agency represents multiple auto insurance companies? It is simple. Every insurance company has a specific focus. For example, if you are between the ages of 25-45, have fair credit, and use the Internet, it is highly probable Progressive Insurance will give you a better price. Or if you are over 50 years of age, own a home, and have a good insurance history, it is highly likely that Safeco Insurance or Travelers Insurance will give you a more competitive price. The reason behind this is that all insurance companies have limited knowledge so they focus their research and studies on a select population pool. If an insurance company says they have the best rate for everybody, they are simply lying to you. The truth is that auto insurance rates depends on many factors. And we help you improve your odds of finding the best rate for you by representing a variety of companies.

Required Information for Getting an Auto Insurance Quote

Getting an Auto Insurance quote could be simple if you have all your ducks in a row. Here are a few tips that can help you in your journey to save money. To save time, have the required information readily available:

  • Name: First and last name (All drivers)
  • Date of Birth (all drivers) – simply knowing the drivers age will not cut it! Today’s quoting systems are so advanced, missing the DOB by a few days may change the rate.
  • Driving History: if there is activity (tickets, accidents, and claims), disclose this to your agent. He/she is going to find out anyway, so its best to let him/her know so you can be appropriately rated from the start. Being up front may avoid thinking you are getting a better rate, then insurance agent runs driving record and the great deal you thought you were going getting is no longer on the table.
    Vehicles: it will help if you know the VIN (but it is optional for a quote), year, make, and model. If your vehicle has a salvage title, let the agent know right away.
  • Address: disclosing your address is a must to get an insurance quote. Without the correct address, the rate is not accurate. The address gives the agent the ability to run your “insurance score” and your zip code determines which territory you live in (different zip codes have different ratings)

Be friendly! (applies with every company you call): remember the agent you speak with is a person with feelings. Further, I can say that insurance agents typically have a different approach to sales. We are usually not pushy because we don’t earn a living by insuring you once, we earn a living by retaining your business for many years to come. We, insurance agents dislike high premiums and rate increases as much as the end consumer. We do everything in our control to give you as many discounts as you qualify for.

Independent agents represent multiple companies to
bring you the best price and coverage.

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